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3828 Schaufele Avenue, Suite 360
Long Beach, CA 90808
Phone: 562-444-8504
Fax: 562-363-0685

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Proud to Recommend This Doctor

I have worked in healthcare and been fortunate to know many great physicians, but Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt tops the list in terms of skill, professionalism, communication and compassion. He was an advocate for my husband during a difficult time, when COVID-19 restrictions were keeping him from getting the emergency surgery he desperately needed to save his sight. Dr. Roizenblatt juggled other appointments and did not stop (for several hours) until he could find an appropriate center for the same-day operation. The procedure itself was a complicated one -- and my husband required a follow-up surgery due to bleeding. The overall outcome is excellent. Dr. Roizenblatt was patient, thorough, informative and helped manage our expectations during the healing process. We are proud to recommend this doctor!

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