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Patient Testimonials

Takes Helping People Seriously

I was referred to Dr. Roizenblatt by my opthalmologist for three tears in my retina. My wife and I feel blessed to have been sent to him. He repaired my damage without surgery and you can tell he takes helping people very seriously. I couldn't have a better result or a better doctor.

Compassionate and Caring Man

Dr. Roizenblatt is not only a fabulous surgeon, but he is a compassionate and caring man. We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Roizenblatt as our retina specialist and highly recommend him!

Put My Dad at Ease

My dad was referred to Dr. Roizenblatt for as sensitive procedure for his eyes, which was causing him a great deal of anxiety. Dr. Roizenblatt took great care to explain the hows and whys of the procedure, which served to put my dad at ease.

In Good Hands

I have been visiting Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt for years it seems. I have Macular Degeneration and he manages my care well Is friendly and has a good sense of humour. If you are suffering and need to see an eye surgeon you are in good hands.

Explains Procedures in Plain English

I take pops to see Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt. Pops calls Dr. Roizenblatt, Dr. Roberto cuz he can't remember his last name. Dr. Roberto is an awesome Dr & explains to me In plain English what procedures he's doing on pops & why.

Saved My Vision

"Virtue is friend and help to nature." I borrowed this statement from my wife to describe Dr. Rozenblatt's bedside manner. He was so assuring I thought i was talking to a spirit. The professionalism and technical expertise utilized in my case that most surgeons would not even attempt is unrivalled or matched anywhere. As a result of the success i witnessed with Dr. Rozenblatt I whole heartily recommend his services especially for difficult cases. I thank him for my saved vision and will forever be beholding to his skills.

Ten Stars!

If there were 10 stars, that's how many I would give to Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt. My very healthy 95 year old father had a serious and complicated issue with the lens in his right eye. Dr. Roizenblatt was highly recommended to us, as the man for the job. At our very first appointment, Dr. Roizenblatt explained the difficulties in resolving the problem and laid out all the risks...including blindness. But, he instilled a confidence in us, that he could do it! 2 months ago, the surgery was performed by Dr. Roizenblatt and his skilled team. There were no complications and the healing and restoration of vision have been remarkable! All thanks to this highly skilled, compassionate surgeon. I also love the way he treats my father with tremendous respect. If you need a retinal specialist, I would look no further!!

Proud to Recommend This Doctor

I have worked in healthcare and been fortunate to know many great physicians, but Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt tops the list in terms of skill, professionalism, communication and compassion. He was an advocate for my husband during a difficult time, when COVID-19 restrictions were keeping him from getting the emergency surgery he desperately needed to save his sight. Dr. Roizenblatt juggled other appointments and did not stop (for several hours) until he could find an appropriate center for the same-day operation. The procedure itself was a complicated one -- and my husband required a follow-up surgery due to bleeding. The overall outcome is excellent. Dr. Roizenblatt was patient, thorough, informative and helped manage our expectations during the healing process. We are proud to recommend this doctor!

Thanks a Million Dr. Roizenblatt!

Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt saved my eyesight. I had cataract surgery, which caused a detached retina. Dr. Roizenblatt was the person who diagnosed it, and immediately scheduled me for surgery the morning after I saw him. If he didn't act that quickly, I would have lost my eyesigh in my right eye forever. The care and concern he showed was way above the standard of todays' medical care. My eyesight is now back 100%. I highly recommend him. Thanks a million Dr. Roizenblatt!!

Knowledgeable and Patient

I came to Dr. Roizenblatt regarding my retina issues. I found him to be very knowledgeable and patient. He explained the cause of my symptoms and the treatment options available diligently. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and sometimes that is necessary to help put a patient's mind at ease. I had several follow up visits, thereafter, which were crucial to ensuring my retina was corrected properly. When we are dealing with our health, compassion is integral to the healing process.

Grateful to Find This Excellent Doctor

Dr. Roizenblatt assisted my family member with a eye emergency after hours. He was thorough, kind and compassionate. He provides concierge level care without the price tag. He has an excellent bed side manner and practices evidence based medicine. We are so grateful to find this excellent doctor.

Everything Turned Out Great!

Dr. Roizenblatt performed my procedure about a month ago and everything turned out great! I truly feel that I am in great hands when I'm there and so thankful to him for saving my vision.

Kind, Thoughtful and Thorough Doctor

Dr. Roizenblatt is fantastic! He has taken excellent care of my eyes and put me at ease with my diagnosis. He is a kind, thoughtful and thorough doctor who values his patients.

Speaks to Me as a Person, Not a Number

Dr. Roizenblatt always speaks to me as a person, not a number. He is willing to answer questions with straightforward responses and prognoses, which encourages me make good self-care decisions. I have no reason to not give 5 stars.

Will Go Above and Beyond

I have met with many Ophthalmologists before but none of them had the knowledge that Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt has. He will go above and beyond with your medical needs and questions. I've had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Roizenblatt! His opinions are always necessary to determine further treatment and diagnosis.

Skill is Second to None

Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt was able to save the vision in my left eye by repairing 4 retinal tears. His skill is second to none.