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Ten Stars!

If there were 10 stars, that's how many I would give to Dr. Roberto Roizenblatt. My very healthy 95 year old father had a serious and complicated issue with the lens in his right eye. Dr. Roizenblatt was highly recommended to us, as the man for the job. At our very first appointment, Dr. Roizenblatt explained the difficulties in resolving the problem and laid out all the risks...including blindness. But, he instilled a confidence in us, that he could do it! 2 months ago, the surgery was performed by Dr. Roizenblatt and his skilled team. There were no complications and the healing and restoration of vision have been remarkable! All thanks to this highly skilled, compassionate surgeon. I also love the way he treats my father with tremendous respect. If you need a retinal specialist, I would look no further!!

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